Thermal lake

The largest thermal lake in Europe was formed by volcanic activity approximately 200 million years ago. Ancient Romans long since knew the pleasant as well as medicinal strength of the waters around Heviz. The present day spas and adjoining parks were established by the Hungarian Count, György Festetics, in 1796. Heviz lake has many natural qualities, reflected not only by the time of day but also the time of year. During a 24 hour period, the spring at the bottom of the lake releases 86 million liters of natural spring water. The entire contents of the lake are replaced in a 28 hour period.

A wall of trees shelters the lake edge. Steam and gases ascending from the lake, as well as the stabilizing influence of the Balaton 6 km away, creates a lake basin with a distinct medicinal microclimate. Intense inhalation of gases and steam directly above the water level exhibits a medicinal effect without the use of treatment apparatus.



The bottom of the lake is covered by a slightly, radioactive layer of mud, a few meters thick. This layer is composed of foliage, plant material, peat and volcanic hot spring mud. Therapeutic Heviz mud, called peloid, is one of a kind on earth.


An inorganic analysis of the therapeutic mud revealed the following element: carbon sulfate, chlorine, iodine, calcium, sodium, magnesium, silicon, iron, aluminum and titanium. The rare gas radon was also found which adds a specific therapeutic element to spa treatments. Along with therapeutic mud, radon facilitates and increases tissue replacement in the body. It reactivates glands, relaxes the nervous system, improves the cells own therapeutic functions and reduces pain with its radiating quality.


Warm water with a temperature of 40.4o rises from the lakebed from a depth of 40 m. The temperature of the water at the surface does not fall below 24 - 26o, so excellent swimming is possible even during the winter months. The treatment season in Heviz lasts the entire year.

Heviz lake is only an eight minute walk from the Pension, with rehabilitation centers located along the way. Massages and other treatments are available at these centers.



On your request, we can provide information about spa treatments available in Heviz. A massage practice is also located in the villa next door. A whole body massage lasting approximately 30 minutes costs about 5 EUR.

We also like to inform our guests about the many landmarks, tour opportunities, excellent restaurants, wine cellars, as well as great shopping opportunities in the area.